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What are AGM & GEL Sealed Batteries?

AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries

AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries are designed to hold the electrolyte in the mats to prevent the acid from leaking out when the battery is broken.

AGM batteries are more common than GEL, offering a higher amp burst. Life expectancy (cycle lives) in AGM remains excellent as long as batteries between recharges are not discharges beyond 60 percent.

GEL batteries

GEL batteries are filled with gels of the silica form which suspend the electrolyte allowing the mats to float.

All batteries are non-spillable, maintenance-free, deep cycle, can be used in any place, have low self-discharge rates, are safe to use in low ventilated environments, and can be transported by air or land.

GEL batteries are usually more expensive and do not have the same capacity as the AGM of the same physical size. (Example 75AH Deep Cycle Battery & 75AH Deep Cycle Battery Lead GEL). Under sluggish discharge rates and slightly higher operating ambient temperatures, GELs perform better. The load profile is one drawback to the GEL battery. GEL cells need to be properly recharged or the battery will fail prematurely. As they use lower charging voltages, the charger must be designed or adjustable for GEL cells.

If you currently have a GEL battery it can usually be replaced by an AGM model. However, you cannot replace an original AGM battery with GEL cells.

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