Coupon Code Usage:

Coupon codes cannot be combined with any other coupon code offers and may only be applied to regular and sale priced items. The offer exclude discounts for any item(s) marked for sale in the “Clearance” category. reserve the rights to apply applicable duration for the validity of coupon codes and may cancel, refuse or revoke the use of coupon codes for any reason we deem necessary, including, but not limited to, terminating coupon codes with expiry dates prior to the date of expiration. In circumstances where certain conditions must be met prior to the usage of the coupon code, may verify that conditions for coupon code usage have been met prior to finalizing any discounts. In the event that certain condition(s) have not been fully met for usage of the coupon code, may cancel or withhold any discounts, either applied or pending, from the customer’s order until conditions have been fully met. Coupon code discount excludes taxes. NO CASH VALUE. Limit 1 usage per customer per coupon code.