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Life Cycle of Batteries for Mobility Equipment

Cycle Life

The cycle life is the amount of cycles a cell or battery can provide for charging, discharging, or rest. Cycle life of batteries is usually expressed by the number of cycles that are available before the discharge period decreases to half the initial value.

The battery cycle life of batteries depends on the discharge depth in each cycle. The deeper the discharge, the shorter the duration of the cycle (smaller number of cycles). This provides the same rate of discharge. The battery cycle life (number of cycles) is also associated with factors such as battery type, charging method, ambient temperature, and rest period between charging and discharge. The Figures show typical battery cycle-life characteristics due to different charging / discharge conditions. This data is typical of a well-equipped laboratory and is tested. For each battery type, cycle times are different. Cycle times when using batteries under real conditions are also different from these results.

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Trickle Life

A battery’s service life is in the use of trickle. The trickle life is usually the time expressed in years. This is before the battery’s discharge time drops to half the initial value.

The battery’s trickle life depends largely on the temperature condition of the equipment in which the battery is used. As well as the type of battery, charging voltage, and discharge current.

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